For me life must always contain adventure and a sense of closeness with the natural world that I can share with others. My two younger children and I were thrilled when this family of dolphins came right up to us to check us out off the coast of Deer Isle, Maine. The dolphin in the middle is a pup.

Children, Go Where I Send Thee, performed here by Roger McGuinn (one of the founding members of the Byrds), is a fine old Yuletide spiritual. It could be the title for the teacher's vade mecum.

Download a copy of the mission statement.

My mission is to bring the joys of science and math to students of all abilities and by doing so to help them develop those abilities to the fullest. I want to instill a sense of adventure, excitement, and a refusal to yield to adversity in the educational process. Each student has the potential for significant learning; it is my mission to nurture the desire to maximize that potential in my students. By modelling my own sense of excitement in what I teach, I want to ignite in my students the idea that they can become life-long learners, that their education is not centered in school, but in life. As a result, I want them to develop an awareness of and an interest in the larger world around them, helping them to grow into cognizant and responsible citizens and stewards of our nation and the globe.