When I am creating a custom or kit-bashed figure, there is always some back story that develops to go with the figure. A few props, Photoshop, and a lot of late nights might lead to a photo-story. Sometimes, I start with a few pictures, and the story develops from there. Sometimes, as with the picture above, I just put together some props that seem to go and leave it at that. I like the raft, I like the miniature engine-room telegraph that I (as my mini-me figure) am manning, and I really like the figure with the weird flattop hairdo. And so there I am rafting down the Orinoco. These are what I call one-off shots.

There are many sites with action figure graphic stories to be found on the web. Some are very professional, some truly awful. I give my own warped sense of humor full freedom. I hope you enjoy these!

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