Welcome to my website. I am a teacher, editor, and a writer. Please feel free to visit my teaching portfolio, the sea kayaking magazine I edit, Atlantic Coastal Kayaker, or any of the other locations I may add here from time to time.

The 5th movement of the suite in E minor for lute, BWV 996 by J. S. Bach, has become a favourite piece for rock and jazz interpretation. Here you may hear it in the original style, on guitar by Julian Bream, as well as 3 modern interpretations.
On my way to a weekend campout on the shore.


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My hobbies include the art and culture of the First People of the Pacific NorthWest and around Baffin Bay, the American and Canadian Fur Trade of the 18th and 19th centuries, and collecting and customizing action figures.
Click to watch the growth of the Long Shot skin-on-frame kayak.

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I have always enjoyed model making, but I became interested in collecting and customizing 1/6th scale action figures about 10 years ago.This link leads to pictures of my custom work.

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